Lighting the Torch of Return

As our theme this year is Palestinian refugees, we wanted to highlight especially this year’s Nakba commemoration in Sheffield . You can read a short article about the Nakba here

Sheffield Palestine solidarity Campaign will be screening two films, on Friday May 13th at 7pm.

The first, Shooting the Messenger, is about how the Israeli state targets Palestinian journalists. Also showing is a film called Al Arakeeb, which gives an example of the Ongoing Nakba and details how the displacement of Palestinian people continues today.

After the films please join us in lighting The Torch of Return as symbol of solidarity with Palestinian people all over the world. This has been organised by Badil, a. refugee rights organisation based in Bethlehem, to affirm the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people to return, self-determination, and
resist the Israeli colonial-Apartheid regime.