The route

The route is a kilometre circuit of Meersbrook Park starting at Meersbrook Hall near the walled garden, running clockwise past the children’s playground and Multi Use Games Area, up the steep hill and then back down through the woods to return to the Hall.

The terrain Tarmacked footpaths. The return down through trees is often wet and slippery. Care should be taken.

Footwear It’s your choice, but in our opinion any reasonable quality running shoe will do. You may feel more confident on the downhill section if you use a trail shoe with a bit of grip.


Nerdy stats
The circuit is almost exactly a kilometre, 1,010 metres to be precise.
• The maximum gradient is about 25 per cent – it’s steep!
• 50% is downhill, 20% flat and 30 % uphill.
• Total ascent per lap is 37 metres
• Max altitude 139m-  min altitude 102m

Nightime If the slots you pick are in the dark (roughly between 21.30 and 04.30 then please take care. In particular of other park users and animals. We will light the course with solar lamps but you must use a headtorch with fresh batteries, with spares if you intend to do a long session. We will encourage nighttime runners to pair up.

Meersbrook Park and the surrounding area  Meersbrook park is situated in a spectacular setting. On each lap when you get to the top of the steep hill you are rewarded with the most wonderful views over Sheffield City Centre.  In the park there is a playground, small football pitch,  skate bowl, Multi Use Games Area, Walled Garden, Pavilion, the historic Bishop’s House, woods and and a bowling green. Close by are many local shops, cafes and restaurants.

Caution Meersbrook Park is a public space. Please treat other park users with respect – they have as much right to be there as you. Be aware particularly of dogs and children. Be prepared to stop – you do not have right of way.