Entry guide

This year, we are really pleased to be back in the park with a full programme [link coming soon].

To sign up to the run in the park you will need to visit this page [link coming soon]

As well as a solidarity event, the run is also a fun community challenge. You might remember that we aim to have at least two people running (or walking or hopping or skipping ….) round the park at any one one time throughout the 24 hour period.

The joy of spbr!

When you come to fill in your entry you will see that we have split the run into 24 hour time periods. This is to indicate to us when people will be taking part. You do not of course have to be on the course for the whole hour.

You can select as many slots as you like. If you do not select straight away you will get an email nearer the run date prompting you to login to eventbrite [link coming soon] to do so. 

Encouraging entries from people who might need support

If you have a disability and would like to take part, perhaps we can help. Find out more