Running for freedom in Gaza 2019

While we ran round Meersbrook Park in sheffield, seven runs took place in Palestine. Here is a short report about each of them.

Gathering together in Beit Hanoun

Beit Hanoun
Beit Hanoun is a town immediately on the North Eastern border with Israel.  In 2014 Beit Hanoun suffered the brunt of the Israeli army ground invasion.  Aerial photos and videos showed the devastating consequence which left one third of the town destroyed/partially destroyed.

A group of volunteers/ workers, within the Union of Health Work Committees, which is one of our partners in Sheffield PSC, lead by our comrade and activist Sabir Za’aneen organised the run. 

The run started from Al Quds centre which is run by UHWC through the streets of Beit Hanoun and back to the centre.

The Palestinian Olympic runner Nadir El Masry who comes from Beit Hanoun participated in therun which was very encouraging for the runners.  The run included children and participants of all ages.

Running (marching!?) in Khan Younis

Khan Younis, Gaza:
Khan Younis is where the Never Stop Dreaming Project is based, and is the home town of the Chair of Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Musheir El-Farra.
In Khan Younis;  54 boys and girls with some youth activists started the run from outside Never Stop Dreaming centre for 1.50 km run through Khan Younis town centre and back.

The crowd in Sheffield listened to messages via Skype from the children in Never Stop Dreaming centre as well as the youth activists Soha Atta and Selmy Omar.  They all emphasised the great positive impact which the SPBR and other solidarity activities have on them and people in the Gaza Strip and Palestine in general. The children enjoyed watching the rally in Sheffield and the fun run; some of them expressed that this was one of their best days. 

In Khuza’a before the run

Khauza’a is adjacent to the border with Israeli, where many Palestinian people including many children have been injured, killed and traumatised by frequent bombing and invasion by the Israeli army.  It is the home of the new Children’s Healing Centre, which was funded by people of Sheffield, particularly the Yemeni women.

The 1 Km run started from outside the Healing Centre; through Khuza’a to the eastern border where the great return march takes place every Friday; then back to the centre.  Around 60 children and adults took part.

Just before the run in Nusseirat

In Nussairat, approximately 50 boys and girls from children and youth workers of “New horizons children centre “started the run from outside the centre through the streets of Nussairat refugee camp for a distance of 2 km and back to the centre.  The children sent a message of gratitude to all for their solidarity work.  They thoroughly enjoyed the run as I was informed by volunteers within the centre.