Health is the theme for 2021

While the small park BIG RUN overall is about contrasting our right to run, and hard fought right to roam, each year we have chosen to highlight an aspect of Palestinian day to day life and try to relate it to ours.

Last year we looked closely at the treatment of children and the imprisonment of children by the Israeli army who occupy and administer the West Bank: home raids and child snatching to intimidate are routine as this video on B’Tselem website shows .

Hospital in Gaza destroyed by Israeli attacks in 2014

B’Tselem are an Israeli human rights organisation who have recently published an article labelling the Israeli regime as an apartheid regime.

So this year, where health (and ill-health) has been such an important aspect of everyone’s day to day lives, we want to explore this apartheid through the issue of health inequality between people in Israel and people in Palestine.

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