Nakba 74 years on

On May 15th 2022, it will be 74 years since Zionists drove Palestinians from their homes.

In the aftermath of the Nakba (catastrophe), over 500 Palestinian villages had been destroyed and 650.000 Palestinian people had been made refugees, the bulk of these people dispersed across the West Bank (then part of Jordan) in Jordan proper itself, Lebanon, and Syria.

You can find out more about the Nakba here. The Nakba however was not a single event. The dynamic of Zionism requires that Palestinian people are constantly victimised in such a way as to make living in their home is impossible. This victimisation takes many forms – from petty bureaucracies making much of civil life difficult or impossible (as highlighted in the Amnesty report on Israeli Apartheid), to state sponsored murder. And it is all designed to ensure Palestinian people can no longer live in Palestine. This is is often called the Ongoing Nakba.