The Khuza’a Healing Project for children

The siege of Gaza and the regular Israeli military attacks of the last decade have left a cruel mark on the children.  In the  attack in 2014 alone over 500 children were killed with the United Nations estimating 300,000 children in need of pyscho-social support. Other groups estimate the figures are higher.

The siege has left conditions which a United Nations report states that, unless addressed, will leave Gaza ‘unlivable’ by 2020. Youth unemployment runs at 60 per cent and electricity is often only available for two hours a day.

Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign with Gaza based partners Middle East Childrens Alliance and the Never Stop Dreaming Project have developed an initiative  to provide some much needed care and respite for these children  – the Khuza’a Play and Heal project.

Land in Khuza’a, Khan Younis, has been donated by a local nursery with construction completed in July 2018. The centre cost roughly £12,000 to build, £6,000 for furnishing and play equipment. and £8,600 per year to run.

The centre (pictured left) was ready and due to open in September 2018 but due to attacks by Israel and pressure on resources, this has been delayed.
It will operate initially  as a play centre providing much needed relief to the local children. There is space for 30 children. The centre will provide three full time jobs – one caretaker and two activity workers. After further training the centre will develop more therapeutic approach in 2019.