spbr 2021: virtual poetry tent

Midday, Saturday 19th JuneRafeef Ziadah: We teach Life Sir
Read by Rafeef Ziadah

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKucPh9xHtM Sternchenproductions
1pm, Saturday 19th JuneWhy Do We Run?
a collaborative poem on the theme of running and freedom written with rresponses from people who came to Small Park Big Run 2018
Read by Sara Gowen, Jenny River, Nicky Hallett and Penny Wightwick
2pm, Saturday 19th JuneRiver Wolton
Zeitoun The Olive Tree
Read by River Wolton
3pm, Saturday 19th JuneChloe Balcomb: Recipe
Read by Chloe Balcomb
4pm, Saturday 19th JuneSeni Seneviratne: Operation Cast Lead
Read by Seni Seneviratne
Published in The Heart of It, Peepal Tree Press, 2012
5pm, Saturday 19th JuneNaomi Shihab Nye:
For Mohammed Zeid, of Gaza, age 15

Read by Naomi Shihab Nyefrom You & Yours. Copyright © 2005 by Naomi Shihab Nye. Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, LLC on behalf of BOA Editions, Ltd., www.boaeditions.org.

6pm, Saturday 19th JuneLynne Rees: Wherever you are, there I am, wherever I am, there you are
Read by Lynne Rees
Published at http://www.lynnerees.com
7pm, Saturday 19th JuneJudy Harris: Fever
Read by Judy Harris
8pm, Saturday 19th JuneMaya Abu Al Hayat Al’atfal & Liz Lochhead: Children

Read by Kate ThomasBridge translation by Danielle Linehan Kiedaisch
First published in ‘A Bird is Not a Stone’ ed. Henry Bell and Sarah Irving, Freight books, 2014
9pm, Saturday 19th JuneNell Farrell: Running on Silloth Beach on Christmas Day
Read by Adrian Look
First published in The Result is What You See Today: Poems About Running, ed. Paul Deaton, Kim Moore and Ben Wilkinson (Sheffield: smith/doorstop), 2019
10pm, Saturday 19th JuneCorinne Look: Full Moon Me
Read by Corinne Look
11pm, Saturday 19th JuneJill Angood: Olive trees in Nablus
Read by Jill Angood
Midnight, Saturday 19th JuneLynne Rees: Listen
Read by Lynne ReesPublished at http://www.lynnerees.com
1am, Sunday 20th JuneChloe Balcomb: The Walk Back into Night
Read by Chloe Balcomb
First published in The Waney Edge, Green Bottle Press 2019
2am, Sunday 20th JuneSara Gowen: Shati Beach
Read by Sara Gowen
3am, Sunday 20th JuneNell Farrell: Blessing at the Allotments
Read by Rosie Valerio
First published in The Result is What You See Today: Poems About Running, ed. Paul Deaton, Kim Moore and Ben Wilkinson (Sheffield: smith/doorstop), 2019
4am, Sunday 20th JuneJill Angood: Of birds and freedom
Read by Jill Angood
4am, Sunday 20th JuneYvonne Witter: I have lost something
Read by Yvonne Witter
5am, Sunday 20th JuneSusan Abulhawa: Wala
Read by Susan Abulhawa
Published in My Voice Sought the Wind
Just World Books 2013

6am, Sunday 20th JuneJenny River: Towards the Light
Read by Jenny River
7am, Sunday 20th JuneRiver Wolton: Run
Read by River Wolton
8am, Sunday 20th JuneKezme Margrie: Freedom
Read by Kezme Margrie
9am, Sunday 20th JuneJoe Butler: A punning poem about runningRead by Joe Butler
10am, Sunday 20th June
Seni Seneviratne: The Habit of Hope
Read by Seni SeneviratnePublished online in Poem International English Language Quarterly
Volume 5, 2017 - edited by Mona Arshi, Aisha K. Gill and Fiona Sampson
11am, Sunday 20th JuneTear it Down: a collaborative poem about walls and separation, written using responses from people who came to Small Park Big Run 2019

Read by Judy Harris, Penny Wightwick, Nicky Hallett and Jenny River
Midday, Sunday 20th JuneMahmoud Darwish: Defiance
Read by Musheir El-Farra.
English translation read by Alexi Dimond

shed in ʻĀshiq min Filastīn. (A lover from Palestine)
Dar al- Awdat, 1966.