Thank you Body of Sound, an all women choir based in Sheffield for this lovely song, and recorded it for small park BIG RUN 2020. This tune was written after seeing ‘one wall two prisons’ graffitied at the Qualandya checkpoint.

Body of Sound have sung for small park BIG RUN before, mostly in the wet! This was recorded over zoom. So we missed being with them but at least they were dry this year. They have asked we put this as a prefix to their beautiful song

Body of Sound is a women’s singing group in Sheffield. We have recorded Qulandya for Small Park Big Run 2020  

Palestinians are severely curtailed in their freedom to move. In the occupied West Bank they cannot travel freely from place to place without going through checkpoints and access to their land is often denied. Movement in and out of Gaza is limited: the border is often closed, denying Palestinians access to hospitals or visiting ill and dying relatives. An issue SPBR focuses on this year is child prisoners. There are currently 194 Palestinian children imprisoned. They are detained by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank, and prosecuted in Israeli military courts with little or no legal representation. Palestinians are physically and psychologically imprisoned. Under the lock down we have experienced a loss of freedom to move – Palestinians are experiencing this every day”