In addition to running as an individual, or in a family, you can also run as a team. In fact we would love you to set up your own teams!

You organise your team outside of Eventbrite and it is entirely up to you how you do this. But if you would like suggestions or help please get in touch.

In the entry form itself, it works fairly informally: we simply ask that you put the name of your team in the entry form. As long as people in the team use the same spelling (!) we will see who is in which team and when they are running.

If you are the lead contact for the team put your name in the box provided in the entry form. And that’s it! We will be in touch to see if your team want to do any special target or see if we can help out in some way (such as checking the times your team members are down as running :)) )

The refugee support group ‘Belonging Together’ has entered a team in ’17 and ’18! they chose to run together as one group all in the same time slot.

You could do what the Steel City Striders have done in past years and put up a team for the whole 24 hours – one runner for each hour. Or like the GoodGym in 2019 you could plan to form a group to cover the hours of darkness. The Woodcraft Folk entered multiple people at multiple times and kept track of laps completed on a whiteboard we provided.

One couple formed a team where they ran every other hour all night.

The Steel City Striders put in an impressive number of laps over for the whole 24 hours!

You could get a group of friends or colleagues together and all run at the same time. It really is entirely up to you.

You will have to organise yourselves as regards how you decide to set things up. The only we thing we would ask is that you let us know your team name so we can keep track.