CONGRATULATIONS to all the partner runs in Gaza

Runners in Khan Younis

CONGRATULATIONS, solidarity and friendship to all the runners and organisers of the runs in the Gaza Strip – in Khan Younis, Khaza’a, Beit Hanoun and Nussairat.  We here in Sheffield, UK, at Small Park BIG Run, were so proud and happy to run in solidarity with you last weekend.  We appreciate the very difficult circumstances and the challenges you face.  The hot weather is something we didn’t think of, especially as it was cold for summer here, and raining a lot, so it was hard to imagine it being too hot!!  But one of the three West Bank runs, in Ramallah told us they couldn’t run until later in the day on Saturday 15th, as it was too hot.  The rest of the runs (seven in all!) ran with an even greater challenge of the hot weather.  We are sorry – next year you must choose the best time for you!  So many people running here told us how much they loved the idea of running ‘with you’ all – us here in Sheffield and you all in Palestine.  Thank you SO much.

As you probably know our local Member of Parliament, Louise Haigh and our Lord Mayor of Sheffield talked about your runs at our event – we hope you had copies of the Certificate from the Lord Mayor issued for the runners in Palestine, as well as in Sheffield – we can email another copy if you didn’t received it already. 

We will continue to campaign and spread the word about the importance of justice, peace and equality for all Palestinians, and will continue to raise funds for the projects for the play and the healing project for children and for education scholarships for women in Gaza. With all our respect, friendship and solidarity,