Anyone can take part in small park BIG RUN

small park BIG RUN’s theme this year is Palestinians as refugees – and being a refugee is a chucking out and an exclusion – the very opposite of inclusivity.

But for us, inclusivity is at the heart of what the ‘run’ is about.

We want to make sure that anyone can take part in small park BIG RUN: you do not have to run – we have had walkers and hoppers and unicyclists too. And we have had people who need help to get round.

If you think this sort of event is not for you, please think again. We would love to hep you take part. We have an hour on the Saturday (4-5) and an hour on the Sunday (11-12) when we will make sure there will be someone to help.

So if you think you will need help getting round please email or enter here and tick the box ‘I will need support’ and we will get in touch.