Guide on how to enter the 2020 small park BIG RUN

June 20-21, at a physically distanced venue of your choice!


As you will probably know our normal 24-hour event in Meersbrook Park cannot take place. In its place we have come up with a Covid19 proof event. We are asking you to design and conduct your own activities in the safety of your own home, garden or suitably socially distanced outdoor area. We will all share our activities on social media. See ideas below.

This is an event that we will be doing physical distant from one another – but hopefully in doing it we can come together socially!


  1. Sign up! 
    Please Enter the event via the Eventbrite link – we are asking for you to pay what you can and/or make a donation to the projects in Palestine. We also are encouraging participants to buy Palestine Flags and our Keffiyeh buffs to display and wear whilst you do your activity – you can buy them when you sign up or contact us. Buffs are £3.50 each and Flags are £5.00 each.
  2. Plan your activity – To inspire you we have posted activities we know of below. But be as creative as you want; hop, paint, run, juggle, do yoga, play games, tap dance, play a tune, sing a song. It can be as long or as short as you want. You can include who you want. Do it at midnight, over 24 hours, over a week; whatever!
  3. Do your activity – The event was scheduled for 20-21 June – we would like you to hold your activity over that weekend if possible, but any time is absolutely fine! Don’t forget to wear your buffs and display those flags!
  4. Share your activity – Using your social media channels share the story, videos and pictures of your event with the spBR Community in the UK, Palestine and beyond. Wherever you post please tag us using @smallparkbigrun and #spbr20 Alternatively, you can email your details to us. If you have bought flags and/or buffs please show them off!
  5. Join the virtual global gathering at midday Sunday 21 June on Zoom
    Normally at the end of our 24 hour run we have a celebration where we link up with our Palestinian friends. It is always very moving and inspiring. For this year we are planning a large Zoom meeting where people from Palestine and Britain will talk. More details to follow.


Join the Write to Move zoom –  we invite you to join in a Write to Move online writing workshop. Come and pen your thoughts on the restriction of movement in Palestine and here in the UK. No previous experience required, just a pen and paper. Saturday 20th June at 7-8pm

If you would like to join, please email by midnight 18th June. We will send you a zoom invite (the day before). Note: Maximum 30 people, first come, first served. Suitable for age 16+


People are already planning their activities! We have been told about some fantastic and varied ideas for activities

“Some kind of solo run, depending on the government guidelines at the time!”

“Hi, already on the way, aiming to complete 100km in 5 km chunks as part of loving the lockdown. 30km done so far to 21st April”

“By the time the event takes place I aim to be able to run from my house in Nether Edge to Meersbrook park, up the hill without stopping and back. This will be a 5km run. I can do the distance but at the moment can only get to the second bench without stopping then walking.”

“On the weekend between two of us we intend to do 180 circuits in our front garden: 10 burpees, 5 step hops, 20 sit ups, 10 push ups in each circuit. One circuit for every Palestinian child currently imprisoned or detained by Israel.”

“I am currently running the ‘small park big run’ route in 5k slots and have done 40k in total so far! I will do as much as I can and finish on the 21st of June”

“Over that weekend I will run one of our lockdown cycling routes: from our house in Broomhall, up through Walkley and down to Malin Bridge, along to Low Bradfield, around the reservoir and back – just over 24K. My partner will cycle alongside me providing drink, moral support and lots of love.”

“Walk to Hope! From Grindleford to Hope via Stanage, back again along River Derwent… please join us, socially distancing, leaving Grindleford Station 10 am 20/6/20….we all need more hope!”

Additionally, we know of:

  • A writing exercise on Zoom.
  • A choir combining over zoom
  • A team will be covering the whole 24 hours doing a host of different activities – scholarship fund.
  • A very physically distanced 9km time trial orienteering private race setting off from and returning to Meersbrook Park. Organised by some members of a sister event – The Cat Lane Canter.
  • One participant will be conducting 24 hours of yoga and running between now and 21 June.
  • AFC Unity – an award-winning independent women’s football club promoting social justice will be participating by encouraging members to conduct an activity of their own choice and sharing it on social media. 


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Please ensure your activity is safe and observes not only the guidance of the UK government, but also your own common sense and judgement. Please do not use public transport if at all possible. If you are doing your activity in a public space please ensure the space is safe and two metre plus distancing can be observed at all times. If you are at all uncertain then delay your activity to a less busy time or move it to a less busy area. Please also ensure your activity does not place you at a highly elevated risk of injury, in particular injuries that might require a visit to casualty and place an additional burden on the NHS.